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Additional Links

The Vintage and Historic Division of the American Power Boat Association is the fastest-growing division in the APBA. Read more about the APBA.

Mr. Phil Spruit has spent thousands of hours compiling and organizing historical information and photographs of vintage and historic hydroplanes and raceboats. His work has become the official APBA Vintage and Historic website. View Phil’s labor of love and learn more about the vintage hydroplanes and raceboats.

Professional photographer Phil Kunz has spent his life photographing boat and car racing events including the Wheeling Vintage Raceboat Regattas. Phil is a prolific author and has written many books on the cars and boats he photographs. He is the unofficial photographic historian for boat racing and is able to fulfill requests for photos of boats and events both modern and historic. If someone wants a photo of an old raceboat, Phil probably has it. View his collection of photos and a great deal of historic information about boat racing and boat builders.

Professional photographer F. Peirce Williams has been covering the exciting world of motorsports in the United States and abroad for more than 20 years. A contributing photographer to Powerboat and Road & Track magazines, his work regularly appears on the pages of Autosport, RACER, Autoweek, and other publications around the globe. View Peirce’s photography of the vintage hydroplanes at Wheeling and other locations. These photographs are available for purchase.

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